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American University of the Caribbean Haiti (AUC)
(Universidades de Puerto Príncipe)

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American University of the Caribbean Haiti (AUC):

Sitio web oficial: No posee
Datos de contacto:
American University of the Caribbean Haiti (AUC)
Rte National #2 Charpentier, B.P. 3 Les Cayes, Haiti HT 8110
West Indies
011-509-286-0140 office
011-509-286-0559 fax
International Mailing Address (letters):
American University of the Caribbean - Haiti
Lynx Air International
P.O. Box 407139
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33340

Se dictan las siguientes Carreras, Maestrías, Cursos, Postgrados y Doctorados:

English Preparation
The English Prep program is a 1-year intensive program that introduces students to the English language. It is designed to endow students with the skills and language facility to perform college-level study. The first semester gives students instruction and practice in Conversational English with native speakers as well as speakers of English as a Second Language. The second semester is designed to equip students with the vocabulary and skills required for college level study. The program is 6 hours daily for approximately 28 weeks. The schedule of classes will be announced the first week of class.
First Semester
Writing with Expression (Composition and Grammar)
Reading for Comprehension (Reading and Vocabulary)
Communicating Conversationally (Speaking and Pronunciation)
Second Semester
English Composition
General Sciences
Introduction to Computers
College Level Math
College Study Skills

College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
The Department of Agriculture at the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) has two specific goals:
To give our students a comprehensive and solid foundation in Agroforestry studies of plant and soil sciences, ecology, horticulture, and methods of forestation and soil conservation.
To make a Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry degree program so thorough that the knowledge a student gains will be applicable in all geographical areas and climates, yet specific enough so that the graduate can immediately address the needs of Haiti.
Matriculating Agroforestry students will embark on an intense and highly technical course of studies while at AUC, which will include not only classroom work, but also laboratory applications and studies, and field practicum.
Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry and the Environment
Course Catalogue

College of Arts & Sciences
AUC's College of Arts & Sciences strives to provide students with a quality Christian-based liberal arts education while providing practical experiences that will prepare them for a life of work and service in their local communities. Currently the school is accepting applications to the programs of:
Computer Science & Information Technology
Future degrees will be offered in:
Public & Business Administration
Education & Counseling
Natural & Health Sciences

Professional Development Courses
Diploma in Language Interpretation
Diploma in Computer Studies
Diploma in Accounting


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