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A. Read the article

The Banking sector- Stormy times for Europe’s Banks

In spite of all the mergers and cost cutting in the European banking sector, experts are warning that thousands of jobs are still at risk. UK banks could cut up to 20,000 jobs over the next two years as they try to compete with supermarkets and direct providers. Switzerland and Germany, with their over-crowded retail banking markers, could see even greater job losses.

The need to reduce non-IT costs is becoming increasingly important as Europe’s banks invest heavily in electronic banking and meet the costs of dealing with the millennium bug and European economic and monetary union (Emu) all at the same time. The domestic branch networks will suffer most, with several banks

planning to close up to 15 per cent of their smaller branches.

The staff reductions are made possible by the development of electronic banking services such as telephone banking, smart cards, and PC banking. Most bank customers have a 24-hourdirect modem connection.’

The banks have to find a way of cutting staff using technology without affecting the quality of service. ‘We have to take the bank to the customer’ says Alan Higgins. ‘I do a lot of my day-to-day banking on Sunday.’ However, in spite of the warnings about jobs, recent figures suggest that banks will continue to make record profits.

B. Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.


Over 20,000 jobs could be cut by

a. Supermarkets and direct providers

b. Banks in the United Kingdom

c. Swiss and German Banks


The banks have to cut staff costs

a. So they can finance IT investment

b. In order to expand the branch network

c. Because they are losing money


How does HomeBank work?

a. Customers telephone the bank during office hours.

b. The bank answers telephone calls 24 hours-a –day.

c. Customers do their banking on a home computer.


How are the banks performing?

a. They are making more money

b. Increased competition means they are making less money.

c. The cost of IT investment has reduced profits.

C. Translate the following text:

What is Accounting?

Accounting is one of the largest professions in business today, with more than 100,000 accounting firms in the United States alone. As an accountant, you would be responsible for compiling, analyzing, verifying, and preparing financial records for an individual or an organization. Accountants typically work in one of the following areas (though most will work in more than one throughout their career):

Experience in the public accounting sector can provide a strong foundation for your career. Core services provided by public accounting firms include accounting, audit, assurance, tax, and advisory/consulting services.

Corporate accounting is also referred to as cost, managerial, industrial, corporate, or private accounting.

Accountants work at all levels of government: federal, state, and local. Many government organizations have large accounting departments to analyze the performance and allocation of their funds

Many people with backgrounds in accounting decide to teach at the high school, college and university levels. There is a strong demand for instructors in business and accounting departments throughout the country.


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