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Useful Phrases

How can I help? / Can I speak to …, please? / Who’s calling, please? / Please hold / I’ll just put you through / Could I speak to……please? / Who shall I say is calling? / Just a second/ I’ll see if he’s in / I’ve got ……..on the phone for you / Hang on a moment



Michelle: Hello, you’ve reached the marketing department. How can I help?

Male: Yes, can I speak to Rosalind Wilson, please?

Michelle: Who’s calling, please?

Male: It’s Richard Davies here.

Michelle: Certainly. Please hold and I’ll put you through.

Male: Thank you.


Michelle: Hello, marketing. How can I help?

Male: Could I speak to Jason Roberts, please?

Michelle: Certainly. Who shall I say is calling?

Male: My name’s Mike Andrews.

Michelle: Just a second - I’ll see if he’s in.

Hello, Jason, I’ve got Mike Andrews on the phone for you … Okay - I’ll put him through.

Hang on a moment, I’m just putting you through.

A. Telephone - Connecting Quiz

Instructions: Choose the one correct answer

1. When you telephone a company the person answering the phone may ask you a question. Which is the correct question?

A Who’s calling please?
B Who calls?
C Who it is?
D Who called?

2. Which phrase means the same as ‘hang on a moment?’

A Just a second
B I’ll put you on
C Go ahead
D I’m ready

3. Choose the correct word: “Please ……. and I’ll put you through.”

A stop
B stay
C talk
D hold

4. What is the expression used to connect two people on the telephone?

A I’m sending you through
B I’m putting you through
C I’m calling you through
D I’m talking you through


B.You are at the Bus Station and want to reach the City Park:

A: Excuse me. How do/(can) I get to the City Park?

B: Go straight on Main St. Then turn right into the 4th Avenue. Go to/(as far as) Oak St. The City Park is on your left.

C. Fill in the blanks with a preposition.


The shop is next to the school

The takeaway is next to the library.

The chemist is between the bank and the post office.

The hospital is opposite the shopping centre.

The bank is between the shop and the takeaway.

The restaurant is opposite the shopping centre.


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