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1º Parcial A  | Inglés III (2018)  |  UCASAL
- Tenga a mano un buen diccionario
- Recuerde que solo podrá subir su parcial hasta las 22:00 hs. Caso contrario, se cerrará el espacio y no lo podrá presentar.
- Se tendrá en cuenta calidad y corrección en las respuestas

A. Look at this agenda and answer the questions.
1. What is the meeting about?_____________________________________________________
2. How many people will attend the meeting?________________________________________
3. What is Carla’s role?__________________________________________________________

Meeting Friday 28th June
Chairperson: Clare
Participants: Ella, Tom, Jake, Mila, Frank
Minutes: Carla
Purpose of meeting: to plan the visit by exchange students 16th-20th September

Main points:
1.Daily activities
2.Evening activities
4.End-of-week celebration

B. Here are some tasks a chairperson often performs. Match each one to an appropriate expression 1-9 below

a. explains the objective of the meeting.
b. sets a target time for the meeting to finish
c. calls on people to speak
d. collects people´s opinions
e. checks what people mean if it isn´t clear
f. stops people talking too long
g. moves through the agenda
h. summarizes the decisions made
i. allocates tasks and sets deadlines.

1. So, are you saying…?
2. OK, so we´ve agreed that we´ll…
3. We need to decide what we´re going to do about…
4. OK, let´s turn to item three, which is…
5. I´m aiming to get through this by eleven thirty.
6. Could you get some quotes by next Tuesday, Martin?
7. How do you feel about this, Martin?
8. Heather, could you fill us in on…
9. Yes, thanks Stephen. Perhaps we could come back to this later if we have time.

a.____; b.____; c.____; d._____; e._____; f._____; g._____; h._____; i._____

C. Find 4 apologies (A), 4 excuses (E), and 4 offers (O). See the examples.

1. I´m afraid our usual warehouse manager is away this week. (E)
2. Would you like to make an official complaint to the rail company (O)
3. Yes, it´s out of order. I´m sorry about that. (A)
4. Shall I send someone to have a look at it? ______
5. I called the telecom engineer but he hasn´t come yet. _____
6. I´m sorry to hear that. Production speed isn´t normally a problem. _____
7. I´m really sorry. We don´t usually make mistakes like that. _____
8. It’s because there are engineering works on the line. _____
9. It´s probably because the machine´s still new. _____
10. I´m very sorry about the delay. _____
11. You can use my personal phone if it´s urgent. _____
12. I´ll dispatch the rest of them today. _____

D. Nigel is talking to a colleague about a meeting. Underline the correct words in his report.

“Claudia asked us (1) that we give/to give our opinions about the merger talks. I (2) told them /told to them that I thought the whole thing was a bad idea, but they refused (3) to listen/listening. Of course Tony disagreed, as usual. He (4) told/said that we were too small for the global market.
Then Claudia asked how long (5) would it/it would take to integrate the two companies, and Tony claimed it would (6) take/to take six months. Claudia suggested (7) setting up/to set up a task force to look into the whole thing. I decided (8) not saying/not to say anything. Tony offered (9) to chair/that he would chair the task force. He proposed that the task force (10) reporting/should report back in six weeks, but I (11) reminded them that /reminded that we´d need the report much sooner. Anyway, we decided (12) to meet/meeting again in a month.”

E. Complete the sentences below

1. If I were you______________________________________________
2. I would be happier if________________________________________
3. I would probably earn more money if___________________________
4. If I had had more time________________________________
5. I could have participated more _______________________________



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