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Small Rooms, Big Idea
Five years ago, businessman Simon Woodroffe had a good idea. He was in bed in first class on
an international flight when he decided to open a hotel. The bed in the aeroplane gave him an
idea. He could open a hotel with rooms like the sleeping area in an aeroplane.
Now travellers in some of Britain’s airports sleep in these small, low-cost rooms. The rooms are
very small, only seven square metres, but they are very convenient. They are in the airport, so
travellers who want only a night’s sleep and a shower can save money and travelling time.
Woodroffe calls his hotel “Yotel”.
Each room has a TV, a desk and a shower and costs £50. You can pay £70 for a bigger room
that has a couch. Press a button, and the couch changes to a bed.
The small rooms are very popular with travellers. Woodroffe thinks he will open more Yotels in
city centres.

From the Financial Times

1 Read the article and mark these statements true (T) or false (F)
1 Woodroffe had an idea when he was sleeping in an airport. ___F__
2 He decided to open a hotel with very small rooms. __T___
3 His first hotels were in the United States. __F___
4 The rooms cost a lot of money. ___F__
5 An important feature of the Yotel is convenience. ___T__

2 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets: use PRESENT
1. The train always  leaves

 (leave) on time.
2. "What's the matter? Why  are you crying


3. That's strange. They  are not watch

 (not to watch) TV.

4. He  not speaks

 (not to speak) very good English.

5. Please be quiet! I  am doing

  (do) my homework.

6. Where  they live

7. Listen! John  is playing

 music! (play)

8. I never  go

 (go) to the swimming pool.

9. He  gives

 (give) two or three concerts every week.

10. She  practices

 (practise) for four hours every day.

3 Fill in the blanks with a suitable word from the box.

1. The head of the company is usually called the CEO
2. The STAFF is all the people that work in a company.
3. Mark Gobbato is in CHARGE of the Design Department.
4. A team is a group of people who work TOGETHER at work.
5. Generally, the team colleague organizes the group
6. The person that you work with is your leader.
7. Good communication is important in business.
8. The title for a married woman is Mrs.
9. The title for a married or unmarried woman is Ms.
10. The board of directors meets every two weeks.

4. Complete the conversation with words below:

are does don’t how is ’m what what’s
where works
A I’m Ursula Becker.
B Nice to meet you, Ursula. My name’s David Lopez.
A Is you a sales manager?
B No, I’m not. I work in television.
A What’s your job?
Ms. CEO leader staff Mrs. charge directors together

communication colleague

B I’m Director of Advertising.
A Where do you work?
B At Channel 10.
A Is your wife in television, too?
B No, she isn’t. She works for a magazine.
A What does she do?
B She’s a graphic designer.
A Does she travel in her job?
B No, but she sometimes works at the weekend.
A How often does she do that?
B Two or three times a month.
A What about you? Do you work at the weekend?
B No, I don’t.
5- Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. PAST SIMPLE tense.
1 afternoon / They / the / yesterday / in / busy / were .
The were busy yesterday in the afternoon.
2 not/ the / you / Why / money / need / did / ?
Why did not you need the money?
3 this / much / How / cost / did / ?
How did this cost much?
4 last week / work / to / walked / Dean / .
Last week walked to dean work.
5 the / bought / car / last /I/ Saturday /new.
I bought the car last Saturday.
6- Complete the sentences with the correct option.(10p)
1. Every Monday, I write a report and sent it to my
2. She lives in Spain.
3. Andrea and Rob work in the Finance Department.
4. We start work at 7.30 am
5. The international teams have meetings every
6. My colleagues and I meet at a café after work.
7. I generally drive to the office.
8. The CEO has lunch in the company restaurant.
9. Our company make sunglasses for the American
10. Teams are important in modern business.

1a) write b) am c) writes
2a) work b) live c) lives
3a) employ b) work c) works
4a) start b) finishes c) job
5a) has b) are c) have
6a) drinks b) eats c) meet
7a) goes b) drive c) drives
8a) has b) eat c) gets
9a) product b) make
c) produces
10 a) is b) are c) isn´t

7.Write a full description of your company. Use can verbs such as: work/produce/provide/
develop/ export/ sell/ buy/ deliver. –
You can also describe your organizational chart: report to/manage/ be responsible for/ be
in charge of.
My name is xx xx xxxxxxx. I am xx years old and have been working in my company
for almost 9 years.
My Company is a XXXXXXXXXX. She is a market leader. Provides financial services with
over 100 years presence in the field.
We are a national company with offices in various strategic points in the world such as Bolivia,
China, Madrid (Spain), Brazil and New York.
We are present on all the platforms available to all our clients, such as the face-to-face channel,
telephone banking, digital web banking and mobile banking.
We also have a channel on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, among others.
My Company is present in all the provinces of Argentina, represented as Branches that basically
have the following structure: on the first line is Management, on the second line are the
operating, commercial and cash service platforms.
I work in the operational department responsible for the accounting of the entire branch. I am in
charge of processing office supply purchases, building maintenance expenses, and personal
Our department needs to be linked with the other two in order for it to always exist, which is
known in our field as cross control.
My rank is Signature of the Manager and I am the replacement of the head of my department.
In my group we are 3 people and in the whole branch we are 12 employees.



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