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Inglés 6 FINAL WRITTEN EXAM (100 pts)

Reading Comprehension (20 pts/ 2 pts each)

Don’t look down

Paul Lay dances with death in the mountains of southern Spain


I have always enjoyed walking. When I was a boy, I used to go walking at weekends with my father. We went camping and climbing together.

I try to visit a new place every year. Last year I decided to walk a path in Spain called El Camino del Rey, which means the King’s Way. It is one of the highest and most dangerous footpaths in Europe. It used to be very safe buy now it is falling down.

I took a train to the village of El Chorro and started to walk towards the mountains. I was very excited. Then the adventure began.

The path was about three feet wide and there were holes in it. It used to have a handrail, but not any more. I didn’t know what to do –should I go on my hands and knees, or stand up? I decided to standup and walk very slowly. At times the path was only as wide as my two boots. I stopped to have a rest, but there was nowhere to sit.

I began to feel very frightened. It was impossible to look down or look up. I was concentrating so hard that my body started aching. There was no thrill of danger, no enjoyment of the view. I thought I was going to die.

I finally managed to get to the end. I was shaking, and I was covered in sweat from heat and fear. I fell to the ground exhausted.

1. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false)

  1. He has always liked outdoor activities
  2. His father travelled with him just once.
  3. Although it is not very high, El Camino del Rey is very dangerous.
  4. Luckily, the path has a handrail
  5. While he was walking he enjoyed the view.
  6. He did not like this experience.

2. Find in the text words or phrases with a similar meaning to:

● I was afraid: ________________________________________________________

● very tired: ___________________________________________________________


● very happy: __________________________________________________________

● my body hurt _________________________________________________________

3. Would you like to walk El Camino del Rey? (answer this question using your own words. DO NOT QUOTE from the text. (4 pts )










A. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense, active or passive. (12 pts / 2 pts each)


The modern game of golf ________________________(invent) in Scotland in the 18th century. Originally it __________________________(play) by men. The game _____________________

(call) golf because of the rule “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”. This is how the word golf _____________________(enter) into the English language.


Botox ___________________________(invent) in 1985 to correct strabismus in children. The possibility of using it to make people’s faces look younger _______________________(discover) 20 years later.


B. Report the following statements and questions (14 pts / 2 pts each)


1. “I love you, Anna”, said Jim.

2. “Do you love me, Jim?” Anna asked

3. “I’m leaving on Saturday”, she said.

4. “Where are you going?” she asked him.

5. “Mr. Walker phoned you before lunch, but he didn’t leave a message”, Sue said.

6. “Have there been any messages for me?” Miss Wilson asked.

7. “I don’t think it will rain”, he said.




C. Put one of the adjectives into each gap. Sometimes more than one is possible (7 pts / 1 pt each)



interested / interesting bored / boring

embarrassed / embarrassing tired / tiring


surprised / surprising



1. Your news was very ____________________________. I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed yourself.

2. I liked the book until the end. It had a ______________________________ ending which I didn’t like.

3. a. How was your journey?

b. Very______________________________. I think I’ll go to bed.

4. The play was so ________________________ that I fell asleep.

5. You look _____________________________. Have you had a busy day?

6. Are you __________________________ in museums? I’m going to the National this afternoon. Do you want to come?

7. He started to tell a joke about the director when the director came into the room. It was very__________________________________.



D. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word. (13 pts / 1 pt each)



1. Did you go ___________________ interesting last holiday?

2. Please, _______________ ________ the lights when you leave the classroom. (2 pt)

3. I phoned you twice last night but ____________________ answered. Where were you?

4. This classroom isn’t big __________________. There are __________ many students.

5. If you don’t know the meaning of a word you have to ___________ it _____________ in a good dictionary. (2 pts)

6. a) “I don’t like milk”

b) _____________ ____________ I. (2 pts)

7. She doesn’t ________________ __________ ___________ her mother, they fight all day. (3 pts)

E. Written Production. (30 pts)


Write a description of the house where you were born and some childhood memories. Use the vocabulary and structures you have studied in this level. (15 lines)