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Inglés 4 FINAL WRITTEN EXAM (100 pts)


A. Reading Comprehension

Family Life

Kathy Papas, who lives in Sydney, Australia, talks about her family life.

“My parents came here from the Greek island of Kalymnos in 1965. I was eight years old, the eldest of four children. We shared a house with three other families from Kalymnos when we arrived in Sydney. We were quite lucky – both my parents found

jobs and after about 20 months here they bought a house. But life wasn’t easy for my parents. Language was a real problem and they never really settled down here.

They missed their friends back home, Greek hospitality in general, and the closeness to nature they had on the island. In 1980 they moved back to Greece and my father died five years later.

My husband and I socialise almost entirely with our families - his sister and my brothers and their children – and other Greek-Australians. We meet in each other’s homes and sometimes we have a barbecue together. Most Greeks live in the suburbs to the east of Sydney so we don’t have to travel to see each other.

We also send our three daughters to Greek classes twice a week after regular classes. They were born here but a lot of Australians still tend to think of them as foreigners.”

Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? (18 pts / 2 pts each)

  1. Her father died in Australia
  2. Her brothers are younger than her.
  3. She has many Australian friends and they have barbecues together.
  4. According to her parents Greek people are friendlier than Australians.
  5. Australians try to integrate Greek people.
  6. She hardly ever sees her family
  7. Life wasn’t easy for her parents because they couldn’t buy a house.
  8. Her mother and her father could find jobs in Australia
  9. Their daughters study Greek at school.

What do these words mean? Tick the right option (6 pts / 2 pts each)


- “back home” 1) in Greek island 2) in their home

- “closeness to nature” 1) in contact with nature 2) far from nature

- “moved back” 1) visit 2) return



B. Complete the passage with the verb in the correct form and circle the correct word (27 pts / 1 pt each)

I ____________________(move) into this flat a few weeks ago / past , and I _______

(like) living / to live here. There’s only one bedroom, and at the moment my sister _____________(stay) with me / I because she __________________(look for) a job / work.

I _______________(work) in advertising. It _______________(be) hard work and the hours _______(be) really long, but I like it / them. And it’s well-paid. The office is really relaxed and informal, no one / everybody _____________ (wear) a suit or a tie.

The only thing I __________________(like/ negative) is one of the neighbors, Mrs. Snell. She never __________________(speak) ___________ anyone/ somebody.

I ________________(have) a party last night / the last night, it really __________(be/negative)

very noisy, we _______________(be) only 10, but while we ______________________(dance) and ______________________(have) a good time she ________________________(come) to the flat to complain about the noise.

This evening my sister and I __________________________(visit) a friend of ours who / where is in hospital.

C. Explain the meaning of the words trainers, sunbathe, post office, nurse ( 8 pts / 2 each)

  1. ______________________________________________________________________
  1. ______________________________________________________________________
  1. ______________________________________________________________________
  1. ______________________________________________________________________

D. Complete the sentences with a suitable word (11 pts / 1 pt each)


  1. I work a lot so I __________________ always ______________ a hurry.
  1. Teenagers never pick __________________ dirty clothes from the floor.
  1. What sports are you ______________________________________ in?
  1. My sister cooks and I _____________________________the washing up.
  1. I never feel _____________________ the day before I __________ an exam.
  1. - _________________ was the weather ___________________?

- We ___________________ a great time ______________the weather was really good.

E. Written Production (30 pts)

Write a description of your best friend, how you met, an anecdote you lived together and his/her future plans. (15 lines/ use the verb tenses, time sequencers and connectors you have studied in this level)

Final Oral Mark

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