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2014 Inglés 3 Written Final Exam (100pts)

102 and she is a writer

Dorothy Moriarty is Britain’s oldest writer. She is 102 years old and has just written her first book, The Memoirs of a Nurse. In it she describes her life as a nurse at University College Hospital, London, in the early part of this century. At that time civilian hospitals had very little money. They were dirty and nurses worked seventy hours a week and earned $ 8 a year. Dorothy says, “There were cockroaches everywhere. Nobody worried about our hospitals. All the money went to military hospitals, and the newspapers were full of stories of Florence Nightingale and her soldiers. We decided to do something. We started the Royal College of Nursing and cut our working week from seventy to forty – eight hours. This was much better”.

After the First World War Dorothy went to work to Egypt, where she met her husband, Oliver. They married in 1922, but her family life was not always happy. Oliver had a drink problem and finally died. “I’ve had a difficult life, but it’s been very interesting and I’ve always had the love of my children and grandchildren”:

Dorothy has started planning her next book. She says that with her long life she has lots of ideas.

A.True or False? (12 pts / 2 pts each)


  1. Dorothy started writing when she was 60 years old
  2. Dorothy and Florence Nightingale were friends.
  3. She helped to improve the working conditions of nurses.
  4. Military hospitals had more money than University College Hospital
  5. She was on holiday in Egypt when she met her future husband.
  6. She is happy with her life.

B. Write a dialogue between a reporter and Dorothy; write 6 questions. (18 pts / 3 pts each)


b. I was born in Britain


a: ___________________________________________________________________?


b. I worked 70hours a week


a: ___________________________________________________________________?

b. My life has always been difficult




  1. _________________________________________________________________?


  1. Because I have a lot of ideas

a. ___________________________________________________________________?

b. No, I’m not. I’m 102 years old.

a. ____________________________________________________________________?

b. It’s about the life of a nurse


C. Complete the email. Use the present simple, present continuous or simple past form of the verb in brackets. (26 pts / 1 pt each)

Hi John,

How are you? At the moment, I’m listening (listen) to music. I usually (1) _________________ (listen) to music in the evenings. On Fridays, I sometimes (2)______________ (go) to the cinema with Suzie, but she (3) _________________ (study) now. She (4) ___________ (have) a lot of work. My cousin (5) _________________________ (stay) with us at the moment and he (6)
__________________ (wait) for me downstairs. I (7) _________________ (think) he (8)_________(want) to go to the pub again, yesterday we (9) ________________(go) to the pub and he (10) ______________(meet) a beautiful girl and they (11)__________________(talk) for hours. Tomorrow we (12)_______________________ (visit) our uncle, he (13) _________(live) far from the city, he (14) ___________________(invite) us last weekend but we (15) __________

___________ (can/go negative) because we (16) _______________(be) very busy.

See you soon


D. Circle the correct option (6 pts / 1 pt each)

Nuria from Spain lives in Los Angeles

I was very surprised, traffic is more slow / slower than in Spain. People use their car for everything, you never /always see people walking in the street. People don’t go out


during the week because they work very hard. It’s normal to work twelve hours a day and people usually only have one or two weeks’ holiday. Work is the most / more important thing here, more / the most important than family and social life. People in Los Angeles are nicer /more nice than in Spain. It’s easy to talk to them. And in shops the shop assistants are very polite. They hardly ever / always say, “Have a good day”:



E. Complete the sentences or choose the correct option (8 pts / 1 pt each)

1. Food can be dangerous / dangerously for your health.

2. He is very careful / serious. He doesn’t __________________ jokes

3. A quiet / careful person doesn’t __________________ mistakes.

4. I would like going up / to go up in a balloon.


5. How well / how good do you know your country?

6. He did easily the activity / He did the activity easily.


F. Written Production (30 pts)

Imagine you are on holiday. Write an e-mail. Give this information: where you are, the weather, the hotel, activities yesterday, tonight and tomorrow. (15 lines)