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Inglťs 2 Written Final Exam (100pts)

Serbian tennis player Bojana Jovanovski was only 19 when she played in the San Diego open. However, she very really missed the tournament. Her first match was in Carlsbad, California, so her agent booked a seat for her and gave her the ticket to Carlsbad. It was a long journey because Bojana needed to take three different planes. When she finally arrived in Carlsbad, she was surprised to find that the airport was empty. She waited for 15 minutes and then called Tournament Transport. The problem was that Bojana was in Carlsbad, New Mexico and the transport service was in Carlsbad, California where the tournament was. So, Bojana stayed in New Mexico for the night and then travelled to Carlsbad, California the next morning. She arrived only 30 minutes before the start of her match with the Italian player Roberta Vinci. Unfortunately, the day finished badly for Bojana because she lost the match 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. After that she just wanted to go home.

  1. Read the text and answer the questions (10 pts / 2 pts each)
  1. How old was Bojana when this incident happened?
  2. Why was the airport empty?
  3. Where was Bojana born?
  4. Why did she arrive 30 minutes before the start of the match?
  5. Did her parents book the ticket to Carlsbad?

b. You work for a magazine and have to interview Bojana Jovanovski

Look at the answers and write the questions. (21 pts / 3 pts each)

A: Hello Bojana, can I ask you some questions?

B. Yes, of course.

A: __________________________________________________________________?

B. No, I donít. I hate shopping.

A: ____________________________________________________________________?

B: I donít like formal clothes, I prefer jeans.

A: ____________________________________________________________________?

B: I live in a house in Los Angeles now.

A: ____________________________________________________________________?

B: 5 bedrooms

A: ____________________________________________________________________?

B: I started playing tennis in 2000.

A: ____________________________________________________________________?

B: Yes, I did. I met Federer in Berlin some years ago.

A: ____________________________________________________________________?

B: I admire him. He is a great tennis player

A: Thank you for your time.

c. Complete the sentences with the correct word (14 pts / 1 pt each gap)

1. _____________ is that bag? Itís my sisterís bag. Itís _________________________

2. When Jane ________ ________ for the weekend, she always_____________ photos.

3. Please, __________ ________ the TV, I want to _______________ the new program.

4. I ________________ _________ plane last year. The plane _________________ at

Ezeiza Airport.

5. I live __________ the second ______________, in my flat there arenít ____________

mirrors ____________ the walls. I donít like ____________.

d. Fill in the blanks using Simple Present or Present Continuous (15 pts / 3 pts each)

1. My brothers __________________________________________ football on Sundays.

2. Itís hot today. She ________________________________________________ a jacket

3. Oh no! Listen, the baby _____________________________________________again.

4. She ___________________________________________ her homework at weekends.

5. Where _________________________________________________________ now?

e. Complete the following dialogues. (10 pts)

(Buying clothes / 5 pts)

a. What _______________ is this shirt? Large.

b. Can I _____________________________?

a. Sure! The ____________________________________ are over there.

(Asking for directions / 5 pts )

a. Excuse me. Is

Abbey Road
_____________ ____________________?

b. Yes, go ____________________________________ and ___________
left __________ the traffic lights.

a. Thank you.

Written Production (30 pts)

Write about your last holiday. Include the following information: how you got there (transport), what you did there (activities), places you visited during the day/night, someone you met, a description of the hotel or your room. (12 lines)