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Inglés 1 Written Final Exam (100pts)

Meeting places around the world

Zamira lives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: In my country women meet up at home. My friend Shamsa lives in a big house and we go there and have a little party. We all love parties.

We have something to eat and we talk about our friends, our parents, fashion – everything! We have a great time!

Yin lives in Hanoi, Vietnam: I normally see my friends at the Hoan Kiem Lake. It’s very beautiful! I don’t like busy places – I prefer to be outdoors. We go for a walk and talk a lot.

Julia lives in Dallas, USA: My friends and I go to the mall. Sometimes we see a film or go shopping, but normally we just walk around and talk. The boys sometimes play video games but I hate computers! I prefer shopping.

Sofia lives in Florence, Italy: All our friends live in the same part of town. We usually go to the main square – la Piazza del Signoria and go for a walk and talk. We meet in the early evening because we like a walk before dinner.

a. Read the text and answer the following questions (3 pts each/ 15 pts)

  1. Where does Sofia meet her friends?
  1. Does Julia love computers?
  1. Where does Julia live?
  1. Does Yin go for a walk with her friends?
  1. Does Yin see her friends in a bar?

b. True or False? (8 pts / 2 pts each)

  1. In the Emirates women don’t talk about their families.
  2. In Dallas they always see a film at the mall.
  3. In Hanoi and in Florence people meet outside.
  4. In Dallas and in Abu Dhabi people meet outside.

c . Imagine you are having a conversation with Shamsa, the Arab woman, ask her questions, some of the answers are in the text. (24 pts / 3 pts each)


My name is Shamsa

2. _____________________________________________________________________?

I’m 31 years old.

3. _____________________________________________________________________?

I’m from Abu Dhabi.


Yes, it is. My house is very big.


No, we don’t. We don’t talk about football.


Yes, I do. I have two children


Yes, I am. I’m married.

8. _____________________________________________________________________?

I’m a housewife.

d. Circle the correct option or fill in the gaps. ( 23 pts/ 1 pt each)

  1. How do you relax?


- “I go running in / on the evening, then I come home / house and has / have a shower, after / before the shower I watch / see TV.”

- “My husband gos / goes to the club to relax but I do not / do not go with him”

- “My sister takes the dog at a walk / takes the dog for a walk , and his / her boyfriend listens to / listens classical music”

2. Asking for a drink


. - ________ you like a drink, Sir?


- Yes, I cup of ____________, please


- Here ____________________. (2 pts)

- How much ________________? (2 pts)

- $10

  1. Checking in


. – Good night / evening, Sir

- I have a reservation / reserve. My name’s Peter Kent, and my wife’s name / name’s

wife is Brenda.

- How do you spell / speak that, please?

- K – E – N – T.

- For four /fuor nights?

- Yes, that is right / that are right.

e. Written Production (30 pts)

Write about a friend or member of your family. Include personal information (name, age nationality, job, family), a description of a typical day in his/her life, and his/her favourite day in the week and why. (12 lines)