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University of VIC (UVIC)
(Universities in Catalonia)

In this page you will find the university address, contact information and the list of degrees. For more information on the institution, please follow the official web site link that points to the english version when available, reduced information is usually presented (sometimes less than this page) while spanish version holds the complete contents.

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University of VIC (UVIC):

Official web site: http://www.uvic.es/en
University Information:
University of VIC (UVIC)
Sagrada Familia, 7 08500 VIC
[email protected]
Telephone: 938 861 222

This university offers the following Masters, Doctorates, Courses, Careers undergraduate and Graduate degrees:


Master's Degrees

Master's Degrees and doctoral studies are the highest level university qualification. Therefore our UVic Master's Degree courses and doctoral studies are closely linked to the research activities of our teaching departments and research groups.

Master's Degree courses include theoretical and practical components and conclude with a final year project. They last one or two academic years, depending on the number of credits involved.

For the academic year 2010-2011 the University of Vic offers the following courses:

 EHEA Master's Degrees


EHEA inter-university Master's Degrees


For the 2011-2012 academic year UVic plans to offer the following University Master's degrees:


Doctoral studies

The University began adapting our doctoral studies to the European Higher Education Area guidelines in the academic year 2009 - 2010.

This transformation affects not only entrance requirements but also how training is carried out. In line with these changes, Master's Degree courses and doctoral studies are closely linked to research carried under the supervision of university departments and research groups.

Doctoral studies lead to the highest university qualification. To obtain a Ph.D. you need to complete a training period (Mester's Degree) and a doctoral thesis. The combined activities of training and research constitute the doctoral studies.

For the academic year 2009-2010, the University of Vic offers the following doctoral studies:

  • Experimental science
    • Systems Biology
    • Digital and Information Technology
  • Humanities
    • Translation, Language and Literature
  • Social sciences
    • Inclusive Education
    • Interactive Digital Communicationa
    • Finance - Valuation of Financial Assets

UVic specialises in the following research fields:

  • Experimental science
    • Science and technology
    • Systems biology
    • Waste management
    • Management and preservation of nature
    • Signal processing
  • Medicine
    • Health and life sciences
    • Food and health
    • Work, the environment and health
    • Aging and quality of life
  • Humanities
    • Translation analysis and methodology
    • Studies and publication of 19th century literature
    • Teaching foreign languages
  • Social sciences
    • Population distribution, activity and income
    • Business management and entrepeneurship
    • Accounting and finance
    • Gender and translationķ
    • Education science
    • Inclusive education and diversity
    • Teaching of science, social science, maths, physical education and sport
    • Developmental psychology
    • Communication studies
    • Interactive digital communication
    • Tourism and communication

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