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University of LeOn (UNILEON)
(Universities in Castille and Leon)

In this page you will find the university address, contact information and the list of degrees. For more information on the institution, please follow the official web site link that points to the english version when available, reduced information is usually presented (sometimes less than this page) while spanish version holds the complete contents.

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University of Leon (UNILEON):

Official web site: http://www.unileon.es
University Information:
University of Leon (UNILEON)
Rectorate Building
De la Facultad Avenue, 25
24071 LEoN
Telephone: 987 29 10 00
Fax: 987 29 16 14
[email protected]

This university offers the following Masters, Doctorates, Courses, Careers undergraduate and Graduate degrees:

Degrees and Diplomas in Social Sciences and Law

Diploma in Business Studies
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Actuarial and Financial Sciences (2nd Cycle)
Bachelor of Economics (2nd cycle)
Degree in Market Research and Techniques (2nd cycle)
Diploma in Public Administration and Management
Law Degree
Labour Relations
Labour Bachelor of Science (2nd cycle)
Diploma in Social Work
Bachelor of Psychology (2nd cycle)
Bachelor of Hearing and Language
Bachelor of Special Education
Bachelor of Physical Education
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Foreign Language
Bachelor of Science in Sport and Physical Activity
Diploma in Tourism - Leon (Associated Centre)
Diploma in Tourism - Ponferrada (Associated Centre)

Degree and Diploma in Experimental Sciences and Health

Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Bachelor of Science and Food Technology (2nd cycle)
Degree in Animal Husbandry
BA Biology
Degree in Environmental Science
Bachelor of Biotechnology
Diploma in Nursing (Campus de Leon)
Diploma in Nursing (Campus de Ponferrada)
Physiotherapy (Campus de Ponferrada)

Degrees and Diplomas in Humanities

Bachelor of Philology
BA in English
BA Geography
BA in History
BA in Art History
BA in Linguistics (2nd cycle)
Diploma in Library and Information Science
Diploma in Library and Information Science in a semi-

Engineering and Technical Engineering

Agricultural Engineering (2nd Cycle)
Agricultural Engineer: Specialty Farming
Agricultural Engineer: Hotofruticultura and Gardening Specialty
Agricultural Engineer: Specialty Mechanisation and Rural Constructions
Agricultural Engineer: Major Agricultural and Food Industries (Campus de Ponferrada)
Engineer Forestry: Forest Management Specialist (Campus de Ponferrada)
Computer Engineering
Industrial Engineer (2nd Cycle)
Industrial Engineer. Expertise: Mechanical
Industrial Engineer. Speciality: Electric
Engineer of Mines: Major Surveys and Mining Surveys
Engineer of Mines: Mining Speciality Electromechanical Facilities
Engineer of Mines: Mining Operations Specialist
Engineer of Mines: Major Energy Resources, Fuels and Explosives
Surveying Engineer (Campus de Ponferrada)
Mining Engineer (2nd Cycle)
Aeronautical Engineer: Expertise in wind mills


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