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University of CAdiz (UCA)
(Universities in Andalusia)

In this page you will find the university address, contact information and the list of degrees. For more information on the institution, please follow the official web site link that points to the english version when available, reduced information is usually presented (sometimes less than this page) while spanish version holds the complete contents.

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University of Cadiz (UCA):

Official web site: http://www.uca.es/en
University Information:
University of Cadiz (UCA)
Benito Perez Galdos, s/n 11002 - Cadiz
Students Help Center :
+34 956 015350
Fax: 956 07 03 71
[email protected]

This university offers the following Masters, Doctorates, Courses, Careers undergraduate and Graduate degrees:




The 28 University Masters offered by the University of Cadiz are guaranteed by the Spanish Agencies of Quality and completely adapted to the EHEA. All the titles of the Masters consist of 60 European credits (ECTS) and cover the period of an academic year (9 to 12 months).

The general structure of the Masters of the University of Cadiz is organized by means of three different modules: General, Specific and of Application. In some cases two or more specific modules are offered for choice by the student, according to the desired lines of specialization.

The final Module of Application offers the pupils the possibility of applying the knowledge gained by means of practice in companies or institutions during 10 weeks, or, in the case of who would want to continue the university degree; it also offers the option of research work which would give access to a PhD.

Health Sciences

  • Biomedicine.
  • Innovation and Investigation in Health Care.

Sciences and Engineering

  • Aquiculture and Fishing: Marine resources and Sustainability (ACUIPESCA).
  • Agricultural engineering.
  • Chemical Sciences and Technologies.
  • Erasmus Mundus in Quality of Analytical Laboratories (Quality in Analytical Laboratories).
  • Erasmus Mundus Water and Coastal Management.
  • Integrated management of Littoral Areas (GIAL).
  • Integral management of the Water.
  • Acoustic Engineering: Acoustic Contamination.
  • Fabrication Engineering.
  • Mathematics.
  • Oceanography.
  • Viticulture in Warm Climates.

Social and Legal sciences

  • Administration of Companies.
  • Accounting and Auditing.
  • Direction of Human Resources.
  • Economy and Territorial Development.
  • Strategic management and innovation in communication.
  • Gender, Identity and Citizenship.
  • Psychological intervention in Risk Contexts.
  • Socio-educational Orientation and Evaluation.
  • Penal system, Criminality and Security Policies.  


  • Hispanic studies.
  • Historical-Archaeological Heritage.


  • Culture of peace, conflicts, education and human rights.
  • Environmental Educator.
  • Harbor Management and Logistic.
  • Professorship of Secondary Obligatory Education and the High School Certificate, Professional Training and Language Teaching.



The PhD, which in agreement with R.D. 1393/2007, consists in a Period of Training (a minimum of 60 credits of level of Post-graduate that can be obtained, either through the overcoming of an Official Masters or of a Specific Training Itinerary, and a Period of Investigation (project, reading and defense of the doctoral thesis and, in its case, complementary training in the subject of investigation).

The new PhD at the University of Cadiz, like the studies of the Official Masters, has been verified by the National Agency of Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation. It is articulated around the five great branches of the knowledge.

  • PhD in Health Sciences.
  • PhD in Sciences.
  • PhD in Art and Humanities.
  • PhD in Social and Legal Sciences.
  • PhD in Engineering and Architecture.

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