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Miguel Hernandez University (UMH)
(Universities in Valencia)

In this page you will find the university address, contact information and the list of degrees. For more information on the institution, please follow the official web site link that points to the english version when available, reduced information is usually presented (sometimes less than this page) while spanish version holds the complete contents.

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Miguel Hernandez University (UMH):

Official web site: http://www.umh.es
University Information:
Miguel Hernandez University (UMH)
De la Universidad Avenue s/n.
Telephone: 96 665 8500
[email protected]

This university offers the following Masters, Doctorates, Courses, Careers undergraduate and Graduate degrees:

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration Elche Parque Industrial
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Environmental Science
Bachelor of Environmental Science (Plan 2004)
Bachelor of Science in Sport and Physical Activity
BA in Political Science and Public Administration
Law Degree
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Medicine
BA Journalism
Bachelor in Psychology

Telecommunications Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Technical Engineering in Crop Farming
Agricultural Engineer, specializing in Horticulture and Gardening
Agricultural Engineer, specializing in Agricultural and Food Industries
Telecommunications Engineer, specializing in Telecommunications Systems
Telecommunications Engineer, specializing in Electronic Systems
Technical Engineering in Computer Software
Industrial Technical Engineering in Mechanical

Diploma in Statistics
Diploma in Podiatry
Labour Relations
Diploma in Occupational Therapy
Materials Engineer
BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology
Bachelor of Science and Food Technology
Bachelor of Actuarial and Financial Sciences
Bachelor of Science and Technology Statistics
Bachelor of Oenology
Degree in Market Research and Techniques

Bachelor of Environmental Science (2nd cycle) (Plan 2004)
Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport (2nd cycle)
BA Journalism (2nd cycle)
Second Cycle of Agricultural Engineering
Second Cycle of Telecommunications Engineering
Second Cycle of Industrial Engineering
Second Cycle Degree in Business Administration
Second Cycle Degree in Environmental Science
Second Cycle Degree in Political Science and Public Administration

Official Masters
Master in Agroecology, Rural Development and Farm Admitted Admitted Spanish Title Title Abroad
Master in Analysis and Management of Mediterranean Ecosystems Admitted Spanish Title
Masters Degree in Tax Admitted Admitted Spanish Foreign Title
Master in Bioengineering Academic Calendar
Masters in Human Resources Management, Work and Organizations Admitted Admitted Spanish Title Title Abroad
Master in Gender and Equality in the Public and Private admitted as
Master in Thermal and Electrical Installations in Buildings. Spanish Energy Efficiency Admitted Title
Master in Research in Primary Care Admitted Spanish Title
Masters in Health Psychology Spanish Title Admitted
Master in Public Health Admitted Admitted Spanish Title Title Abroad
Research Master's Degree in Science, Technology and Food Control
Master's Degree in Clinical Research and Surgical Admitted
Master's Degree in Management Research, Treatment and Recovery of Organic Waste Admitted
Research Master's Degree in Industrial Technology and Telecommunications
Master's Degree in Clinical Medicine Research Admitted
Master's Degree in Teacher Training and Upper Secondary Education, Training and teaching of languages supported

Doctoral programs, exceptional path (RD 1393/2007)
PhD Program Molecular and Cellular Biology
Neuroscience PhD Program


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