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College of Music of Catalunya (ESMUC)
(Universities of Cataluña (Catalunya))

In this page you will find the university address, contact information and the list of degrees. For more information on the institution, please follow the official web site link that points to the english version when available, reduced information is usually presented (sometimes less than this page) while spanish version holds the complete contents.

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College of Music of Catalunya (ESMUC):

Official web site:
University Information:
College of Music of Catalunya (ESMUC)
Padilla Street, 155 (Edifici L’Auditori)
08013 Barcelona
Telephone: (+34) 93.352.30.11
Fax: (+34) 93.349.71.08

This University offers the following Courses & Careers (Doctorate, Associate, Bachelor, Master, Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees):

Address (modalities of conducting and chorus)
Interpretation of instruments of classical music and contemporary
Interpretation of instruments, jazz and modern music (jazz and itinerary itenerari modern music)
Interpretation of early music instruments
Performances of traditional music instruments (instruments routes of the couplet, the traditional music of flamenco and Catalan)
Musicology (itineraries of historical musicology and ethnomusicology)

Master's Degree in Interpretation of Early Music (UAB-ESMUC)
Master's degree in sound technology and music / sound and music computing in Master (UPF-ESMUC)
Master's Degree in Music as art interdisciplinary (UB-ESMUC)

Masters and postgraduate courses
Masters in Musical Composition technologies
Masters in composition and music soundtracks for media
Master in Organization and direction of musical training centers (UAB-ESMUC)
Postgraduate course in musical interactive systems design (IDEC-UPF-ESMUC)
Postgraduate course in technology and technique of music production (IDEC-UPF-ESMUC)

Continuing education courses
Continuing education course in early music instruments and singing historical
Continuing education course in instruments and contemporary classical music
Continuing education course in instruments jazz and modern music
Continuing education course in the couplet instruments (flute, tible, tenor and flugelhorn)
Continuing education course in traditional music instruments (bagpipes, diatonic accordion and clarinet / widgets)
Continuing education course in instruments of flamenco (flamenco guitar and singing)
Continuing education course in the language of jazz instrumentalists to other areas
Specialisation course in improvisational techniques and modern styles for string instruments
Specialization Course on Management of recordings of classical music


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