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Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
(Universities in Catalonia)

In this page you will find the university address, contact information and the list of degrees. For more information on the institution, please follow the official web site link that points to the english version when available, reduced information is usually presented (sometimes less than this page) while spanish version holds the complete contents.

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Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB):

Official web site: http://www.uab.es/english
University Information:
Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
[email protected]
Campus of UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola of Valley)
Telephone.: 93 581 11 11
Fax: 93 581 25 95

This university offers the following Masters, Doctorates, Courses, Careers undergraduate and Graduate degrees:

All studies

Administration and Management (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)
History (EHEA Degree)

Business Administration & Law (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)
Art History (EHEA Degree)

Social and Cultural Anthropology (EHEA Degree)
History and Science of Music (2nd cycle degree)

Social and Cultural Anthropology (2nd cycle degree)

Hotel Management (Title proper)

Archaeology (EHEA Degree)
Humanities (EHEA Degree)

Arts & Design (Title proper)
Computer Services (EHEA Degree)

Biology (EHEA Degree)
Electronic Engineering (Eng 2nd cycle)

Environmental Biology (EHEA Degree)
Electronic Engineering Industrial Automation (EHEA Degree) *

Biochemistry (EHEA Degree)

Electrical Engineering (EHEA Degree) *

Biochemistry (2nd cycle degree)
Computer Engineering (Eng 1st and 2nd cycle)

Biotechnology (EHEA Degree)
Mechanical Engineering (EHEA Degree) *

Political Science and Public Management (EHEA Degree)
Chemical Engineering (Eng 1st and 2nd cycle)

Science and Technology of Foods (2nd cycle degree)
Industrial Engineering. Specialization in Industrial Chemistry (Eng 1st cycle)

Environmental Science (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)
Telecommunications Engineering. In Electronic Systems (Eng 1st cycle)

Biomedical Sciences (EHEA Degree)
Diploma in Computer Management (Eng 1st cycle)

Business Studies (Diploma Manresa)
Technical Engineering in Computer Systems (Eng 1st cycle)

Business Studies (Diploma Sabadell)
Materials Engineering (Eng 2nd cycle)

Audiovisual Communication (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)
Industrial Engineering (EHEA Degree)

Criminology (EHEA Degree)
Telecommunications Engineering (Eng 2nd cycle)

Law (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)
Market Research and Techniques (2nd cycle degree)

Law & Droit (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)
Catalan Language and Literature (EHEA Degree)

Hotel Management (Title proper)
Spanish Language and Literature (EHEA Degree)

Department of Trade and Distribution (Title proper)
Catalan language and literature in English, classical or Spanish (EHEA Degree)

Design (EHEA Degree)
Spanish Language and Literature in English, Catalan or classical (EHEA Degree)

Economics (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)
Speech Therapy (EHEA Degree)

Childhood Education (EHEA Degree) *
Mathematics (EHEA Degree)

Primary Education (EHEA Degree) *
Mathematics (EHEA Degree) + Engineering

Social Education (EHEA Degree)
Medical (UAB-UPF rating)

Nursing (Diploma)
Medicine (Bachelor 1st and 2nd cycle)

Nursing (EHEA Degree)
Microbiology (EHEA Degree)

Statistics (Degree)
Multimedia (Title proper)

Classical Studies (EHEA Degree)
Musicology (EHEA Degree)

English Studies (EHEA Degree)
Education (EHEA Degree)

Classical Studies with English, Catalan or Spanish (EHEA Degree)
Journalism (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)

East Asian Studies (EHEA Degree)
Podiatry (EHEA Degree) *

East Asian Studies (2nd cycle degree)
Prevention and Integral Safety (EHEA Degree) *

English Studies with Catalan or Spanish Classical (EHEA Degree)
Psychology (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)

French Studies (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)
Psychology (2nd cycle degree)

French Studies + Translation and Interpretation (Undergraduate 1st and 2nd cycle)
Advertising and Public Relations (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)

Philosophy (EHEA Degree)
Chemistry (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)

Physiotherapy (Bachelor)
Labor Relations (EHEA Degree)

Physiotherapy (EHEA Degree) *
Sociology (EHEA Degree)

Physics (EHEA Degree)
Literary Theory and Comparative Literature (2nd cycle degree)

Physics & Mathematics (EHEA Degree)
Occupational Therapy (EHEA Degree)

Genetics (EHEA Degree)
Translation and Interpretation (EHEA Degree)

Geography and Regional Planning (EHEA Degree) *
Translation and Interpretation. French + French Studies

Geology (EHEA Degree)
Tourism (EHEA Degree)

Aviation Management (EHEA Degree) *
Veterinary (Bachelor of 1st and 2nd cycle)

* In the process of approval


All Masters


Acquisition of English and intercultural communication
Innovation and quality television (TV3)

Economic Analysis / Economic Analysis
European Integration

Analysis and management of the artistic heritage
Speech and language pathology research

Classical Archaeology
Psychosocial intervention

Prehistoric Archaeology
Research in animal science and food

Comprehensive care to critical patients and emergencies
Research in Communication and Journalism

School library and reading promotion
Research contained in the digital age

Cell Biology
Research on language teaching and literature

Human Biology
Research on teaching mathematics and science

Biology and Plant Biotechnology
Research in Applied Economics

Biochemistry, molecular biology and biomedicine
Education research

Advanced Biotechnology
Research in clinical psychology

Cognitive Science and Language
Research in health psychology

Computational Science and Engineering
Research in psychology of sport and physical activity

Sciences of Antiquity and Middle Ages
Research in Social Psychology

Materials Science and Technology (CITEM)
Research in Applied Sociology (MISA)

Chemical Science and Technology
Veterinary Research

High Performance Computing
Ethnographic Research, Anthropological Theory and Intercultural Relations

Business Law
Research on contemporary East Asia

Law and Politics of European Integration: European Constitutional Law and Multilevel Constitutionalism / Droit et Politiques de l'Intégration Européenne: Droit Constitutionnel Européen et "Multilevel Constitutionalism"
Joint European Master Programme in Environmental Studies (JEMES)

Industrial management
Youth and Society

Direction and management of schools
Spanish Language and Hispanic Literature

Telecommunications systems design
Language and civilization of ancient Egypt

Terrestrial Ecology. Biodiversity Management
Comparative Literature: literary and cultural studies

Intercultural education
European Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology / European Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Preparation of dictionaries and quality control of the Spanish lexicon
European Master in Labour and Social Policy

Environmental studies
International Master in Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology International Master in Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology

Advanced studies and applied in Catalan language and literature
Advanced Mathematics

Women's studies, gender and citizenship
Animal breeding and biotechnology of reproduction

Advanced English Studies: Literature and Culture
Applied Microbiology

Latin American Studies
Mathematical Modelling: Theory, Computation and Applications / Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications (MathMods)

Medieval studies. Art, history and literature

Models and methods in quantitative economics / Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics (QEM)

Theatre Studies

Musicology and Music Education

Studies territorial and population

Analytical Philosophy

Contemporary Philosophy: Trends and debates

Advanced and Professional Physics
Participation and Local Policies

High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Thinking and govern complex societies

Training of adults
Phoenix EM Dynamics of Health and Welfare

Training of secondary school teachers and compulsory school, vocational training and language education *
Planning and management of education

Prevention and management of risks to the community

Advanced Genetics
Educational Psychology (IPM)

Advertising and public relations

Aviation management
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Human resources management in organizations
Synchrotron radiation and particle accelerators

Technological risk management and labor
International relations, security and development

Soil and Water Management (Mags)
Research in entrepreneurship and business management *

Public Health

Comparative History, XVI-XX centuries
Community Health and Welfare

Contemporary History
Swine Health and Production

History of science: science, history and society
Food safety

Economic History
Multimedia Technologies

Advanced Computing
Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies

Micro and nano engineering
Information Processing and multilingual communication

Process Engineering and Environmental Control / Environmental Process Control Engineering
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

* Pending final approval

All doctorates


Biological Anthropology

Social and Cultural Anthropology
Comparative History, Politics and Social

Economic Analysis
Economic History

Prehistoric Archaeology
History of Science

Cell Biology
Art History and Musicology

Plant and Animal Biology

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
Electronic Engineering


Cognitive Science and Language
Creating and Managing International Business

Political Science
Catalan Language and Literature and Theatre Studies

Food Science
Romance Languages and Cultures

Materials Science

Environmental Science and Technology
Medicine and Animal Health

High Performance Computing

Audiovisual Communication and Advertising
Microelectronics and Electronic Systems

Cultures in Contact in the Mediterranean
Animal Production


Private Law
Clinical Psychology and Health

Global Public Law
Social Psychology

Public Law and legal and political philosophy
Educational Psychology

Teaching Mathematics and Science

Terrestrial Ecology

Applied Economics
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Economics, Management and Organization
International Relations and European Integration


Spanish Studies
Telecommunications and Systems Engineering

Literary Theory and Comparative Literature

Translation and Intercultural Studies


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