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International Doorway brinda a ciudadanos Españoles la posibilidad de acceder a becas para Masters y carreras de grado superiores al 50% en universidades de los Estados Unidos con la posibilidad de un curso de inglés intensivo previo si el nivel actual no es suficiente.

Masters Disponibles para becas:

International Doorway (IDEA) convoca a la 9º Edición de sus Programas de Becas Deportivas y Académicas:

  • Becas del 50% al 75% del costo del Master, alojamiento y alimentación.
    (Los costos de un Master oscilan entre los 12.000 y 24.000 Dólares, incluyendo alojamiento y alimentación, al cual hay que restarle del 50% a 75% de la beca obtenida)
  • El dominio del idioma inglés NO es excluyente.
  • Ser residente Español o Argentino
  • Programa de Becas Académicas: los promedios de notas NO influyen
    en el monto de las becas, sino el Perfil Integral de cada estudiante.
    Costo del Programa: €1.800*.

*Costo de gestion para becas otorgadas: Los costos del programa corresponden a los procesos de selección y gestión pero si el participante de los Programas, no recibiera como mínimo 1 oferta de beca superior al 50%, recibirá el reembolso de la totalidad abonada.

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1- Master of Business Administration MBA

The goal of the MBA program is to prepare students to play a leadership role in the rapidly changing, technologically advanced global marketplace. classes take place weekends and online.

This degree serves the needs of those who have recently graduated with a bachelor's degree, as well as practicing professionals who want to further their educations to enhance their careers while contributing to their companies and to society as a whole.

Students will take 36 hours of 600-level coursework to complete the MBA - 27 hours of core coursework and 9 hours of electives. Each course is three credit hours.

Courses are offered on a trimester basis of three trimesters each academic year. Six hours of coursework per trimester is a full load. Special permission is required to register for more than six hours per trimester.

Trimester 1 begins mid-to-late September and ends in mid-November; Trimester 2 begins in mid-January and ends in mid-March; and trimester 3 begins in late March and ends in late May. MBA courses are offered on weekends and online.

2- Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education (MAE) program is a 30-semester hour, 2-year program. The academic year is devoted to the completion of the core curriculum courses.

Summers are devoted to the completion of courses in the discipline content areas.

The overall structure of the MAE program provides opportunities for individual and team participation while studying curriculum theory, design and instructional strategies. Action research within the teacher's own classroom is encouraged. Emphasis is placed on individual development of the teacher/student. A project research paper over the period of the MAE program is developed with accompanying periodic performance assessments. A professional portfolio based on teaching standards is also developed in the program.

The core curriculum courses during each semester are taught in the evening and discipline area classes are taught during the summer terms.

3- Master of Arts in Special Education

The Master of Arts in Special Education (MASE) program is a rigorous preparation program consisting of 11 blended online classes offered in 10-week sessions. It can be completed in 1.5 years.

The overall structure of the MASE program provides students with opportunities to participate in field experiences, engage in professional collaboration through online chat sessions, and to meet one another face-to-face through video-teleconferencing seminars.

Emphasis is placed on in-depth strategies for educating Learning Behavior Disorder students. The program begins with an introduction to areas of exceptionalities and case law.

The online courses focus on the areas of:

  • Curriculum Methods

  • Behavior Management

  • Classroom Management

  • Universal Strategies for Teaching Math/Reading to LBD

  • Assessment Methods

  • Research Procedures

The program concludes with a graduate practicum/seminar implemented in a special education classroom.

4- Master of Arts in Music

The Master of Arts in Music degree provides a broad range of musical study. The program requires study in five core areas and is intended primarily for students preparing for career within the music profession or for continued education.

5- Master of Arts in Social Science

This degree is a generalist, non-thesis program designed to give graduate students a broad content area to further educational and career opportunities. The program, which may be used to enhance teacher certification, includes:

  • History

  • Political Science

  • Psychology

  • Social Studies

  • Sociology

6- Master of Music in Church Music

The Master of Music in Church Music degree program prepares students for careers in church music ministry. Increasingly, churches expect musicians to have completed significant study in church music beyond the bachelor's level for professional music positions.

The School of Music nurtures church musicians who are thoroughly prepared to meet the challenges of ministry through music.

7- Master of Music in Music Education

This program is for educators who hold Rank II certification, or Rank III and wish to obtain a master's degree.

Teachers in Kentucky must obtain Rank II certification within 10 years of completing their bachelor's degrees. The program is state-approved for this purpose, but doesn't certify students for public school teaching unless Rank III certification was already earned. The degree also prepares non-certified musicians with bachelor's degrees for further studies in college-level teaching.

8- Master of Science in Counseling

The program offers three concentration areas including: generalist counseling, marriage and family counseling and clinical counseling.

The Master of Science in counseling will provide many working adults an opportunity to obtain the master’s degree with a combination of traditional evening and online format to accommodate.

9- Master of Theology

The mission of the Master of Theology program is three-fold. first, the mission is to equip persons called to ministry and to provide them with a study program dedicated to the "early mastery" of the basic disciplines of Christian theological education. The academic and research portions of the study are designed to support growth and excellence in the actual practice of ministry in the churches, institutions of the churches, and other evangelistic and missionary endeavors sponsored by the churches.

Secondly, the mission includes a commitment to enrich the academic research and writing skills of ministers called to pursue additional theological education either in seminary or research university locations. The "early mastery" pattern provides a two-track program. Students may select a study format including (1) four seminars in a single area of theological study with a 4-hour comprehensive examination to demonstrate competence in that area, or (2) Thesis writing seminars culminating in a research thesis of 75 to 100 pages in a single theological area to improve competency in academic research and writing.

Thirdly, the mission includes an emphasis on educating and equipping ministers and lay persons called to servant ministry in churches or church agencies in the unfolding contexts of both traditional and emerging cultures.